Clay Large Teepee Tent


Children love tents, they love to imagine themselves in the country, in the jungle or in space! Allowing them to immerse themselves in their own world will stimulate their creativity and independence, and who knows, maybe one day they will invite their parents to snack on their little T∅ ! Anything will be possible with our 100% handmade teepees.

Let your child’s imagination enchant you. Participate and simply enjoy.

If you would like any customization, please send us an e-mail to: info@triboo.pt

Customize your Pet & Child set !


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Play Teepee Tent for Kids and Pets. We prepare the slumber party, the teepees for your child’s birthday, and even the decoration of your newborn’s room. Our Teepee Tents will provide unique moments spent with family and friends that your child will never forget.

If you would like any customization for your Teepee Tent, please send us an e-mail to: info@triboo.pt or send us a message.

Feel free to rent our Teepees Tents. For more details please contact us. We would love to meet your needs and help you to find your perfect Teepee Tent.

Anyway you can always check the models we have available ready for delivery.


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Bamboo Cares

We remind you that bamboo is an irregular plant in terms of size and color. In this sense there may be slight differences between articles, which highlights its uniqueness.

Protect your bamboo from humidity, water and most importantly direct sunlight.

Heigth of the Cane

180 cm

Base Format

Pentagonal (130 x 120)


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