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What is it?

The E-Design process is conducted entirely online with our designer Roxana, which means you will have the flexibility to work with us from home, wherever you are in Portugal. We will always have the door open for you!


Now more than ever, we deserve to have a home where we feel safe, comfortable, and beautiful!

E-Design is perfect for those who are looking for something special and cannot visualize it in practice, but are simultaneously looking for a solution that they can implement and decorate themselves with Roxana’s guidance.

There is no need to schedule a visit. There is no need to be at home at a certain time.

All communications are scheduled by phone, email, video calls or Whatsapp which allows you to have more flexibility in your day.

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How does it work?


Buy Your Package

Choose and let us know which package best suits your needs:

- S -

- M -

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Complete your questionnaire

Fill out the Design Questionnaire we send you so we can understand more about the space you would like to furnish.

You can also send us all the information you consider relevant, including links to inspiring photos, objects you like, and measurements of the space.


Receive your Service Design and Evaluation Kit

Once Roxana receives your completed Design Questionnaire, we will begin creating your Moodboards, furniture and decor shopping list, and a custom digital floor plan to guide you as you style your final pieces at home. This process will take about two weeks, and after that you can review the Kit once so that you are completely satisfied with the final design package. We ask that you be sure to tell us about your satisfaction and express your opinion on our website or on Google. Share your experience with loved ones.